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Darker Than Death or Night

by Nequient

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Blank stare gazes upward. Don't dare speak a word. The truth lies in a grave Her headstone reads fraud. Facts buried alongside A decomposing God. For all of our grasping At last we will now share. A boundless well of shame And despair. Bullshit is a sacrament. Our faith writ in excrement. Seduced by self-regard. Weakened by vanity. We will make no attempt To preserve sanity. Viciousness now enshrined, Begetting violence. All those who would resist Brought to silence. This is normal now. Rejection of reality. Embrace of this banality. Succumb to mob mentality. Await the last decree. They handed you the tools so you could build a snare. You were just following the rules, a hapless pawn going nowhere.
Paranoia, tribalism. Fetishizing destruction. Isolated echo chamber Feeding back your delusion. Directionless egotism. Find purpose in escapism. Quotidian desperation Drives you into savagery. Worshippers of the apocalypse. Boot poised on a skull. Rifle aimed in the air. Mundane cares melt away In mortal urgency. In your blood soaked fantasy You must kill for liberty.
Minotaur 05:33
Dwelling in the panopticon Under your master's gaze. No need to ever struggle. The Minotaur loves its maze. Why should we even bother To try and make a change? Ignorance is comfortable; Your reward is in range. We are the monsters we've been waiting for. Tableau of human misery That we choose to ignore. Corrosion of the spirit As we fight to have more. Routine of grief and horror. Mass murder's a cliche. Another boring massacre Punctuates every day. We are the monsters we've been waiting for: An unholy perversion, rotten to its core. Accept the lie that comes most easily. On the day you die, you still won't be free. Stare into your reflection As the walls are closing in. You are your own jailer, Trapped by fear and failure.
We're anesthetized Against suffering Witnessed each day. Fresh atrocity Flits past conscious thought Lost in the fray. This mass delusion feels far more real Than impacting slugs. Corporate consecration, Paradox of isolation Through constant connection. Every moment sponsored. Experiences on demand. Who needs an identity When you have a brand? Our thoughts and hopes Are just data points In an evolving trend. Microtransaction, putrefaction. Kill time while waiting for tedium to end. We decompose— Abnegation. This hyper-real simulation— Our consensual hallucination.
Wrongs 05:43
Every misbegotten war Pits the poor against the poor. Grist for a satanic mill As our betters consume their fill. Born free, and yet in chains. The tyrant eternal reigns. System functions perfectly, Tells you what you need to be. No hope breaches this cell. Our sentence—a life in hell. Toothless predator luring its prey. Strikes when you're weak and skulks away. Helpless cries rise from the din, Drowned out by mute aggression. "Wrongs darker than death or night." Wait for resignation to set in. Passing generation—no progression. Enslaved by fear. Blinded by hate. Confined by greed. Accept your fate. With a calm, fixed mind, I defy thee.
Waking up on a filthy floor. Ears still ring, and your neck is sore. Get everyone in the van. Hit the road to do it again. Vistas of nothing drift by When clouds darken the sky. Racing against the storm As your doom takes its form. Crossing the Death Bridge. Is this how it all ends? Crossing the Death Bridge While all hell descends. The depths beckon to you. Torrents obscure your view. Reaper’s hand reaches out. All hope swallowed by doubt. Phantasms of old regrets, Failures, and empty threats Emerge to haunt you now— Avenge each broken vow. Will any of us live to see the other side? Will we go down like Cliff on this final ride? Will any of us live to see the other side? Will we be washed away by the rising tide? Crossing the Death Bridge. Is this how it all ends? Crossing the Death Bridge. No chance to make amends.
Snuff out the hateful vermin. Eradicate the malignancy. Twisted by resentment and false narratives, You've become a cancer and must be destroyed. Extract the tumor and let it burn. Maybe you can't drive out the darkness by sinking to their level, But it's clear that talking will never be enough. An evil tongue echoes their 14 words until we cut it out. Cowards arm themselves to the teeth to murder the defenseless. Will this madness ever cease? Only if it dies with them. Will this madness ever cease? Only if it dies with us.
City Killer 03:58
Human existence hangs by a thread. A single snip and you’re dead. The delicate balance that nurtures life, Disrupted by violence of man-made strife. We burn the means of our survival. Exploit this world—greedy, suicidal. Anthropocene death and rebirth. Our end approaches to renew the Earth. In the final analysis we remain utterly insignificant. A futile anomaly to be removed—so stubbornly self-important. What is the instrument of our demise Coming to cut down these fragile lives? From across vacuum a visitor draws near, Inexorably pulled toward a blue sphere. Unforgiving nature far more efficient Than all our bombs and toxins. A chance collision ushers in Our extinction. Like the tyrant king secure in his supremacy, We lord over our domain. Scarce able to conceive our devices washed away Beneath the killing rain. Impact brings massive devastation. A cloud of dust conceals the sun. Hail our doom. City killer.
Bootlicker 02:53
Peel away the mask of civility. Reveal the hatred and insanity That always lurked somewhere in the shadows. Now, let your vileness stand exposed. Power is the only law, And you’re already on your knees. Do other lives count if you don’t know their names? Scream out, “I got mine,” as the ship goes down in flames. A suicide pact for a society, signed in the blood of the weak. A wasting disease at the heart of nations. The deepest longing within you: To be ruled with ruthlessness. To rub the Other’s face in the dirt, Forget your own worthlessness. Behold the rise of a glorious new age, A pure white world gleaming in its cage. A soundtrack of muffled screams For your circumscribed dreams.
Welcome to the Golden Age of the Grift. Apophenia offers meaning In a mad world poised for collapse. Consent is manufactured at a lightning pace. Eager suckers populate our database. It’s time to engage. Drool at the sound of fresh outrage. This drama is a trainwreck. Stagger from farce to pathos. All the while, behind the scenes The mountain of corpses grows. The nattering chorus Sings its vile refrain For lost causes. In constant need of stimulation. Jonesing for their dose of indignation. Marks are everywhere in this bankrupt culture And parasites to drain their last buck. Believe anything. Apophenia. Bubbles sealed hermetically. We’re arranged conveniently. Every fool is in their place As we enjoy the poison’s taste.


"...10 new songs, musically and lyrically matching the ever-growing sense of anxiety and dread that are part and parcel of modern life. At their most unhinged, NEQUIENT sound like a fusion of the Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, and Combatwoundedveteran—if those bands were feral and sludgy." - Vince Bellino, Decibel Magazine

"...menacing layers of hardcore, grindcore, thrash, and straight-up gnarly metal. [...] In this volatile day and age, it might not seem wise to deliberately incite rage, but Nequient’s fierce, well-crafted fury could snap you out of even the most deadening binge of fatalistic doomscrolling and get your heart focused on what matters again." - Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

"Misfit toy-grind is a suitable description of Darker Than Death or Night—the second full-length from Chicago’s NEQUIENT. It features all the proper characteristics of a grind album—noisy riffs, unhinged vocals, frantic drum beats—but in its original, off-kilter kind of way; the album borrows elements from various genres including death metal, hardcore, doom, and sleekly dresses it all in an irreverent disguise." - New Noise Magazine

"Proper fuckin' excellent weirdo hardcore." - The Heavyist

"NEQUIENT covers a lot of ground on this new album, but what can be gleaned the most from it is an overwhelming amount of justified negativity. We’re fighting a losing battle, and those who represent us, the people, simply don’t get it. We’re thrust into wars we don’t want, dependent on fossil fuels which destroy the environment, and taught to hate one another for superficial and shitty reasons. NEQUIENT is the soundtrack of our frustrations, this angry, chaotic sound of distrust, anger, and voicelessness now given a megaphone." - Invisible Oranges

"The ragged rawness of these tracks is enough to make your gums bleed. [...] NEQUIENT has put together one of the fiercest albums I have heard this year. Recommended." - Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog

"Chicago-based death-metallic hardcore quartet have come back bigger and better on this second full-length, keeping their molten death-crusted sound and spastic-core rhythm driven sound while working in some noise rock influenced swagger for a few slower, edgier pieces." - Grizzly Butts

"NEQUIENT is now streaming their new single "Death Bridge" alongside a music video animated by Cory J. Peak of Closet Witch. The song spans everything from grinding riffs to more thrashy sections, ultimately providing you with a wide range of heaviness to headbang to!" - Metal Injection


released March 11, 2022

Catalog ID: NEF-78

Nequient is:
Chris Avgerin - Drums
Keenan Clifford - Bass
Patrick Conahan - Guitar
Jason Kolkey - Vocals

Produced by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording
Mixed by Sanford Parker at Hypercube
Mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room

Additional vocals on Track 5 by Eddie Gobbo
Backing vocals on Track 1 by Eddie, Pete, Chris, and Keenan

Art and design by Scott Shellhamer
Nequient logo designed by M.G. Miller

All music by Nequient. All lyrics by Jason Kolkey.

Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2021 Nefarious Industries


all rights reserved



Nequient Chicago, Illinois

Subgenre agnostic, d-beat fueled metallic chaos.


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